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... when art doesn't help healing

 then it's useless (Alejandro Jodorowsky)


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My background is in theatre: I work as an actress and storyteller in educational/community theatre and as a drama teacher.

I was trained as a dancetherapist - Maria Fux approach and, to work individually with special need people, I got trained to use storytelling in therapy.

I do believe art and change can only happen in a non-judgemental, gentle and open situation: I practice yoga and meditation and I was trained as a Mindful Educator. 

I grew up bilingual and I have a CPE: all my projects are available both in Italian and English.


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My projects

I run theatre and dancetherapy sessions in schools (toddlers to teenagers) and in disability/mental health/elderly people services.

I play in shows and storytelling for kids from 18 months of age to primary school age.

I work within multidisciplinary groups in therapy centers in Milan and Monza, offering one-to-one and minigroup sessions for kids with special needs.

I offer mindfulness classes where creativity and awareness come together to promote enriched educational and familiar relationships.





Let me be honest: I love writing, and I am totally passionate about my job!

In this blog sessions you'll find articles on educational theatre, art therapies and mindfulness: I try to share my experience in a practical, try-this-at-home kind of way, for parents, educators, therapists, social workers looking for a spark of creativity, and for artists who like to dig deeper. 

Most of my articles come out weekly in Italian, but I do translate some of them - actually the ones that  I think could be more relevant to an international audience. 

If anything in my path resonates with you, feel free to drop a line: I am always happy to connect to lile-minded fellows!